Green in the red

  • The September- October ’99 on ‘Red in the red’ has come up very well. You deserve to be congratulated for making the [email protected] a fine magazine of International standards. You have taken up a good subject on the map restriction policy, which has to be sorted out at the earliest. We all have to learn how to live with change. The controversy on this subject between Brig. Sinha and Mr. Mathur is not in the right perspective as the Survey of India cannot and should not be made a scapegoat. This is an organisation that has long traditions implementing the Government orders most faithfully. It is, therefore, very important that we should identify the real problem, its roots and then find a solution. We support your drive for this cause.

    Brig. J. S. Ahuja.
    Chief Consultant, ORG GIS
    Email: [email protected]

  • Thank you for the recent publication of [email protected] with a special focus on Forest and Biodiversity. The issue provides wide coverage on the particular theme. I congratulate you for the excellent effort.

    As you know, the Geoinformatics has played a significant role in generating awareness in the field of forestry. However, the actual benefits have just started reaching the actual users. The work carried out in the State Forest Departments like those of Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh are classic examples. I am sure your issue will make a greater impact for institutionalisation of geoinformatics technology at the grassroots level for effective forest management. I wish you and your organisation a great success.

    P. S. Roy
    Dean, IIRS, Dehradun
    Email: [email protected]

  • I wish to compliment you for this publication. I have read several interesting papers about the ongoing projects on forest and mangrove in India, and I am also much interested in following the discussions on the availability of spatial information in India.

    As for the FIP paper, there is a mistake in my E-mail address. Please note the exact address : [email protected]

    Marie-Claire Guero
    Geomatics Laboratory
    French Institute of Pondicherry
    Email: [email protected]