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I am Ph.D research scholar at Bharathidasan University, Trichy. Your esteemed journal is quite helpful for research and development in our nation as well as world. I browse your website daily . It has many sectors for various people.

S. Balaselvakuamr
[email protected]
Thank you for bringing out a special edition of your magazine on the occasion of ESRI User Conference 2002. It looked really good. Well done!  I think your team does a great job at marketing and publications on your web site and in print. David J Maguire
Director, ESRI
[email protected]

GIS applications in Archaeology
Thank you for the issue of June 2002“ GIS Applications in Archaeology”. It was a great resourceful edition. Please focus on Rural Management in any future issue; it will be very effective for most of GIS and Remote Sensing users.
Saikat Banerjee
[email protected]

I read your article with great interest. Just a quick note to tell you that the Greater Angkor Project implemented the use of an ultralight plane at Angkor in Cambodia in April-May this year to provide ground-truthing for the AIRSAR Catherine Wu
[email protected]

Highlights theoretical research Please!
I am a reader of your magazine since last 4-5 years or so; I think, the first [email protected] I read was in your Delhi IIT Conference/Seminar in 1998 or 1999. As a member of GITA, the other GIS related journals I am reading are Geoworld and GeoSpatialSolutions since last three years or more.

I expected your journal to include more technology than products advertisements. But what I found in recent issues is the reverse trend. My intention is to suggest for some highlights on background theoretical research. I’d like to suggest you to highlight some Indian and worldwide research activities.

I’d like to thank you for the great GIS portal www.gisdevelopment.net
Abani Ranjan Samal
PhD student, ER&P. SIUC,
Illinois, USA
[email protected]