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Learning GIS through internet

The site www.unigis.org is a worldwide network of educational institutions that offer distance learning courses in GIS for professionals and those seeking to enter the field. UNIGIS is a network of universities involved in the design and delivery of distance learning in GIS. The programme was founded in 1990 and currently includes sites in fourteen countries. Members of the UNIGIS network offer postgraduate Certificate, Diploma and Masters courses in Geographical Information Systems by open and distance learning. Core course resources are adapted, translated and supplemented with additional materials to support the needs of local students of each country. It provides informative resources in GIS.

www.ucgis.org is the site of University Consortium for Geographic Information Science (UCGIS) which is a non-profitable organisation of 35 major universities involved in the understanding of geographic processes and spatial relationships through improved theory, methods, technology, and data. The primary purpose of the UCGIS is to provide advanced geographic analysis in various fields of application and to benefit the society. The site also provides a list of emerging technologies for delivering GIS education. This is also helpful for professional GIS and also provides basic concepts of GIS for the beginners.

The beginners and professionals who are interested in the application of the GIS software in a particular field can visit www.esri.com/training/index.html. The site introduces the concepts of GIS technology and its uses. Courses in GIS focus on the theory of GIS and discuss conceptual reasons for having a GIS in place. The site provides ESRI instructor-led and web-based courses to create functional learning paths. This is ESRI’s website, giving the crisp and basic idea about the uses of GIS education.

The site www.worldcampus.psu.edu provides GIS courses that are designed for access any time of the day or night only on the weekdays. Their course includes totorials based upon the development approach. At the outset, students receive data sets and detailed instruction on how to use GIS software to solve real world problems. It provides opportunity for the Corporate and organisational decision-makers take advantage of professional development opportunities.

The site www.skuld.cage.curtin.edu.au/gis/distance.htm of Curtin University, Australia includes distance learning programmes in teaching and research of geographic information science (GIS) which has developed over the last decade as an undergraduate and graduate programmes. Web-based education system includes study plan, study guide and content, practical sessions and assignments study materials, online grades, etc. The site provides the opportunity to download the software through the Internet, remote library access, textbook purchases and group of professionals to address the queries online for the participants.

The University of Southern California offers four GIS courses in a ‘distance learning’ format through . Students can work from a Course Guide binder mailed to them or downloaded via the Internet. Faculty and students can communicate by e-mail to answer the queries. All materials and communication are in English. The site provides highly personalised instruction to supplement their readings, self-studies, e-chats, group exercises, Internet-based software training, and other assignments.