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Latitudo40 – The easiest way to build, manage and scale geospatial applications

Latitudo40 is an innovative startup founded in Naples in 2017. It was born with the aim of offering a new and simpler approach to the use of geospatial data, especially for companies and customers with limited knowledge of the earth observation domain, but with a huge need to study environmental phenomena, from monitoring infrastructure and cities to the analysis of socio-economic phenomena.

The company, with its fully Cloud-based EarthAlytics platform, has created a value proposition to overcome the barriers currently present in the industry by offering:

  • A processing infrastructure already equipped with tools for research and acquisition in the catalogues of images of the main operators (DigitalGlobe, Planet, Copernicus) and the newsmallsat constellations.
  • A series of ‘building blocks’ for image analysis and information extraction with Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence algorithms (e.g. building classification or road recognition, cars, containers, etc.).
  • An integrated environment through a visual integration tool, which allows integration of geospatial applications directly into the platforms used in the customer’s IT environment.

Whether it is estimating the value of a property in a city, verifying the stability of a power line tower or identifying leaks in a water pipe, EarthAlytics helps simplify development, streamline processes and focus attention on the value of the customer and the success of a project.

“Several customers have believed in our business and technological model, which is based on a service fee that is easy to understand and includes all the elements of the service with the ability to start a monitoring project in less than two months,” says Gaetano Volpe, CEO and Co-Founder of Latitudo40.

“Our first projects were centered around infrastructure monitoring, with focus on power grids for tower stability analysis, conductor breakage detection and risk monitoring, and on water networks to analyze the risk of pipeline leakage with an absolutely innovative approach,” says Mauro Manente, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of the startup. Manente adds that they have a “clear vision of their development roadmap that is driven by the needs of some of the customers”.

“This will be implemented over the next year, taking advantage of the ESA-BIC acceleration program in Rome and the Urban WorkLab acceleration path in LVenture. The next project is the implementation of a vertical solution to offer new tools for monitoring insurance and reinsurance contracts, in partnership with a leading European insurance company,” adds Manente.

The startup’s next target is to expand its team, which already has 10 specialists in various areas of the value chain, and its expansion into the international market, thanks to agreements with a number of business partners, especially in the field of GIS integration. These partners are appreciating the concept of an integrated platform open to self-service, with a visual development tool. This is unique in the market and allows you to overcome the limitations of all other solutions.

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