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Laser Scan User and Partner Conference

The 17th Annual Laser Scan User and Partner Conference 2006 with the theme ‘Spatial Data Supply Chain: Delivering ROI’ was held at Cambridge, United Kingdom from 27th June to 29th June 2006.

The user conference was attended by the various major industry figures as keynote speakers and participants from different organisations from varied market profile of geospatial data holdings. The user and partner conference was sponsored by the Oracle, TeleAtlas, eSpatial, Glados Inc and Lizardtech. GEO:connexion and Geo Informatics were the nedia sponsors. Day one of the conference started with the opening address by Ms. Yupar Myint from Judge Business School , University of Cambridge focusing the social capital of the Cambridge high-technology cluster. The first Keynote session was on “Spatial Data Quality Certification” where keynote speakers Chris Corbin, European GI Policy and Public Affairs Director Info-dynamic research Associates Limited expressed his views on the value of data within the an information society and Rob Starling, Coordinator OGC- Australasia (OGC-A) presented a thought provoking discussion on the perspective of the global marketplace for geospatial data and processing. Other keynote Speakers were Tom McGuffog , Chairman UKP.eb,Non Executive Director of the UK Defence Procurement Agency who expressed his views on the Mastering your data and developing a value chain management that optimizes the linkage between the end user and the provider of goods. This was followed by the session which was presented by the Laser Scan team – Duncan Guthrie (Managing Director, Laser Scan), Paul Watson (Chief Scientist) and Chris Tagg (Product Manager) accompanied by Bryan Huges (professional Services Consultant, eSpatial). This session presented the Laser Scan commercial strategy, product strategy and spatial data quality certification. They highlighted on the different products and solutions available from Laser Scan addressing the different domains of spatial data supply chain. They also demonstrated the joint venture of Laser Scan and eSpatial – a combination of Radius Studio (TM) and iSMART (TM) named Spatial Trust (TM), a product that enabled spatial data quality certification and spatial data reuse within a supply chain.

The second day of the conference began with an informative keynote speech by Gary Lang , Vice President Engineering, ISD Autodesk). He emphasized on the new vision of the integrated geospatial technology and how OGC has become the nexus of this new vision accompanied by the support from Autodesk technologies. This session was followed by the presentations made by Uwe Henze from TeleAtlas who addressed the conflation issues and the global supply chain. Also explained their approach to deliver digital map products meeting today’s and future market needs. Ron Lake (CEO (check the spelling , I think it is Galdos…) System Inc.) who spoke on the redefining of Spatial Data Infrastructure for real time access to geospatial information and processing services.

An Expert Panel Session was organized which comprised of Gary Lang, Mike Cessford, Rob Starling, Ron Lake and Uwe Henze. It was an interesting session which covered topics like XML, GML, Google Earth, IPR and data reuse. This panel discussion also addressed the issues of getting basics correct and working with legacy systems and data. It also discussed the implications of changing business models, like Google and open source initiatives offering mapping solutions in the traditional spatial data supply chain.

Finally it was followed by various Industry Tracks on Land and Property; Transport and Network; Environment and Utilities where various users from different organisations from different parts of the world presented their views on various applications.

Third and final day of the conference started with the Keynote Speech by Marc Hobell, Strategic Development Manager, Ordnance Survey, Great Britain. He touched on how Location is a crucial common factor for creating a framework with a pinpoint accuracy key to its success to manage buried services. This was followed by various interesting presentations on Spatial Data Supply Chain by Simon Greener, Independent Consultant; Greg McDermott, Land registry Ireland; Mike Cessford, PA Consulting Group; David Haines, Landmark Information Group; Ian White, Oracle Corporation. This was followed by public sector Tracks and government workshops.

The conference was attended by almost 100 participants from different industry/government sector from different parts of the world. The conference also gave an opportunity to interact and network among the various participants through various entertainment programs organized by Laser Scan.

Overall the User and Partner Conference addressed the need of Spatial Data Supply Chain and how the returns could be measured by the trivial investments in business processes.

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