Large Scale Water Resources Management Plan in Hilly Terrain Using IKNOS Satelite...

Large Scale Water Resources Management Plan in Hilly Terrain Using IKNOS Satelite Data


A K Agarwal
scientist ‘se’
Email: [email protected]

Email: [email protected]

Large scale mapping of thematic resources preparation of resource management plans and its implementation at village level are the present requirement for sustainable development. Water resource management plans using multithematic maps have been well described by many researchers. These water resource management plans could be well prepared on large scale (1:4000 or larger) using high resolution satellite data. Phakot watershed in Tehri Garhwal district of Uttaranchal state, India covering about 14.6sqkm area was selected for the present study. The area comprises high sloping terrain, varied lithology with gentle terraces in between and crossed by streams. The vegetation is moderate to nil at places and area is subjected to landslide especially along the road. The habitation is wide spread in hamlets and isolated houses. The drinking water requirements are met through the existing few springs located at distances. The irrigation is dependent largely on rains. A comprehensive water resources management plan was prepared using remotely sensed high resolution IKONOS satellite data aquired on 2May’2004. The data were visually interpreted and a detailed management plan was generated considering the local needs. The water resources structures which have been suggested, include surface storage tank, storage dam and contour based canal. Locations suitable for surface water recharge, drinking water supply structures, lift canal, nala bund, diversion gate and for surface ponding have been suggested. The contour canal has been suggested in the terrace cultivated area.38 diversion gates and 309 nala bunds have been suggested across the drainage to check the water flow. Canal for drinking water purpose and for irrigation purpose were also suggested. Apart from these, sites for storage dam, surface recharging and road protection were also suggested. The management plan was further verified in the field and discussed with local farmers and officials of the line departments. The large-scale water resources management plans using IKONOS data on 1:4000 scale have been found highly useful especially for the development of hilly terrain.