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Kamal K Singh – Chairman and Managing Director ROLTA Group of companies

Kamal K Singh
Chairman and Managing Director
ROLTA Group of companies

In evolving economies across the globe, Geographical Information Systems (GIS) or GeoSpatial Industry has played an important role in the defence and infrastructure development of the state. In the recent years with the changing geo political scenario across the world it has become a critical tool for growth of the nation.

India is a very large market for GIS services and products and this is expected to turn into a very big opportunity when the country’s mapping policy is further opened up for private companies to participate. Once this happens this would help companies to own map data, which can be then used for various GeoSpatial applications across different user segments. We have seen from our experience, that to remain profitable, companies venturing into any IT business, and in particular into specialised segments like the GeoSpatial business, one needs to focus on key aspects such as Knowledge Management, People Orientation, Quality and Relevance to Customer.

Knowledge management at Rolta is driven by a significant role for investment in R&D enabling the company to develop in-house intellectual property rights (IPRs) that uniquely address challenges in an ever-changing business environment. The company frequently undertakes research to enhance and develop additional products in its various lines of business. Rolta has continuously renewed competencies through training, cross training and skill updation. As a result, after each project has been successfully completed, its best practises are pooled and translated into a comprehensive training program imparted to the other engineers. This makes all subsequent projects better in quality and quicker in execution.

Rolta invests continually in providing specific technology and domain specific training to its employees. This not only leads to market positioning for high-value services, but also contributes to employee satisfaction and retention. It teaches engineers a range of technology skills; it makes them undergo rigorous certifications conducted by independent bodies recognised worldwide. This builds not only their proficiencies but also their creditability. Rolta has survived in a business where technologies have changed with speed because it has intelligently planned and migrated its competencies from one technology to another in the shortest possible time.

Rolta’s success is based on a total commitment to quality standards that are in line with the most demanding international benchmarks in the industry. It actively works at achieving excellence in its offering to customers. At Rolta quality is invested in every aspect, services, processes, methodologies and work environment. At Rolta, quality is much more than just certifications. It is an attitude; a way of life and it is the presence of complete environment of quality consciousness and of clear mechanisms to achieve the same. This helps Rolta derive increased business from its existing customers and also attract new customers.

Rolta understands that each customer is unique and there is no one technology or solution that meets all requirements. Rolta uses its domain knowledge to address the specific needs and requirements of customers, providing them with a sound, single point comprehensive solution. Rolta’s domain knowledge represents a unique assimilation of qualified industry experienced professionals, extensive project experiences, technology from partners and in-house developed methodologies and tools. Rolta maximises customer satisfaction through the prudent leverage of rich domain knowledge and a specialised infrastructure, culminating in raising productivity within customer environments by going beyond standard deliverable.

This is an extraordinary time to be in this business. We are today at the threshold of a new era of change sweeping the globe. I personally feel that the companies which can differentiate themselves from the ‘me too’ bandwagon are bound to be successful. Any company, which has a unique ability to plan intelligently and migrate competencies in the shortest possible time, enables it to thrive in this business environment where irrelevance is often a greater threat than obsolesce. In today’s competitive marketplace companies who can intelligently leverage its accumulated knowledge work better, faster and smarter thereby derive better ROIs.