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Just wait and watch

Melker Schorling
Melker Schorling
Chairman, Hexagon AB

A string of big-ticket acquisitions has not satiated Chairman Melker Schorling’s appetite for acquisitions as he hints that Hexagon is keeping an eye on companies which cover special aspects of the technology value chain and fit into the group very well

How has Hexagon AB evolved?
I started cooperating with Ola Rollen in 1999 and under his leadership the company took great strides. The first step was buying a metrology company (Brown & Sharpe). The next step, of course, was the acquisition of Leica Geosystems followed by NovAtel. Intergraph was, in a way, always in the picture. We knew it is an important step and when we heard that Intergraph was on the block, we saw that as an enormous opportunity to bring all these companies together.

How do you see Hexagon today?
At present, there is a tremendous potential for cooperation between different divisions in the group. We are deliberating, discussing and working on a variety of ideas for more integrated workflows.

What is in store for the future?
Ola and I work in close coordination and we take quick decisions. That’s an advantage. I think we have a good platform now to work from. We spend a lot of money in research and development. So, you will probably see more organic growth from now on.

But there are certain interesting companies which cover special aspects of the technology value chain and which fit into the group very well. They have been identified and we are waiting for the right moment to acquire them. You just have to wait and watch!