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International Pulse

About a decade back, the benefit of sharing digital geospatial information was not so much in vogue. With the passage of time geospatial organizations, both old and new, have started understanding the benefits of reaching out beyond their domains and jurisdictions to speak to a larger community. The need for seeing ‘data’ as a global resource was imminent, due to many rising concerns of global interest and the newly formed quest for sustainable development.

We bring you a cross-section of our discussions with some leading personalities representing 7 key international geoinformatics organizations.

  • ISPRS is conducive to encouraging cooperation
    John C Trinder
  • The future definitely lies in mutual cooperation and respect
    Milan Konecny
  • Experiences have influenced thinking and capability
    Peter Holland
  • Dedicated to international cooperation in support of local, national, and international SDI developments
    Ian masser
  • Global Map is an operational Global Spatial Data Infrastructure
    D R F Taylor
  • ISO standards are the international ‘standard’ for credibility and acceptance
    Henry Tom
  • The OGC uses a global consensus process
    carl reed