Integrated approach for development of water resources action plan in parts of...

Integrated approach for development of water resources action plan in parts of Nainital district, Uttaranchal using Remote Sensing, Geophysical and GIS techniques


Vibhu Sarin, Sudhakar Shukla and Rajiva Mohan
Remote Sensing Applications Centre, U.P.
Sector-G, Jankipuram, Kursi Road, Lucknow – 226021

Water is an essential requirement for integrated development of an area. With the rise in population, industrialization and other human activities, the demand for water has increased many folds. Due to uncontrolled urbanization and deforestation, land resources are degrading. Hence to develop the land and water resources an integrated land & water resources action plan for watersheds are required. The integrated land and water resources action plans help in identifying the areas for the development of soil & water recharging, availability of groundwater, agriculture practices, fuel & fodder etc. Based on the site specific surveys using remote sensing data, geophysical techniques and their integration through GIS in combination with conventional data help in creation of site specific action plans. Different values are assigned to various units in each thematic map and each unit is given different weightage. After integration, water and land resources action plans are suggested.

Above integrated approach has been used in Bhimtal Gad subwatershed, a water scarcity area of Nainital district, Uttaranchal for development of water and land resources action plan . Surface water harvesting structures such as check dam with diversion channel/Gates, Roof top rain water harvesting structures, spring water storage tanks, desiltation of Bhimtal lake, construction of desiltation gate on drains, retaing walls in the foothills of surrounding hills are suggested. For development of groundwater resources, tubewell and handpump sites are recommended in potential areas. For development of land resources, various measures are suggested e.g. afforestation, near the area of high slopes and weathering. Around the Bhimtal lake and Naukuchhia Tal lake, plantation is suggested which would check the incoming eroded material into the lakes.