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Image intelligence: The fragile peace agreement?

The map shows areas where bombardments have resulted in destruction to property and loss of human lives Image

The fragile peace agreement?
Tension between Israel and Palestine escalated recently when Israel launched its military offensive against Gaza killing Ahmed Jabari, commander of Hamas’s military wing. Israel also subsequently announced the launch of Operation Pillar of Defence, which it said was meant to protect its civilians from rockets and mortars fired by militants in Gaza. The government maintains that besides protecting its citizens, the Operation’s purpose is to “cripple the terrorist infrastructure in Gaza”. Meanwhile, Hamas, which came to power in Gaza in 2007, is reported to have said that Jabari’s assassination has “opened the gates of hell”. Even though the two countries have so far exchanged hundreds of aerial bombardments, international pressure led by the Egypt has forced the two to accept the ceasefire. But the question that everyone is asking is, ‘How long would this truce last?’

Text courtesy: BBC