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Image Compression on the Web

Remotely sensed digital images have become an increasingly important part of geospatial technologies. However, the main problem faced in the distribution of these digital imageries through internet is its large file size. Working with such large size images across the Internet bogs down the whole network. To minimise this problem, many software companies have introduced several Image Compression software. The following links provide the details of some of the major companies offering such software.

This is the corporate web site of LizardTech, a company engaged in developing imaging software and solutions that simplify and enhance the distribution, management and control of digital images and documents. LizardTech also focuses on innovative solutions that provide users of all levels with bandwidth optimization and instant access to high-resolution, multipurpose digital images and multimedia content. A detailed information of the products of the company and the freely downloadable software are provided in this site.

This link provides the details of all the products of ERMapper, a company that pioneers in field of the imaging technology. Along with the information of its software products, this site also provides latest news and application areas of its image compression software. Apart from these, white paper documents furnishing the technical details of compression algorithms, display and its distribution over the internet.

AxImage Cruncher and AxImage Viewer are the two products developed by Axion Spatial Imaging. These products lead the market in speed, flexibility and efficiency. This combined with the fact that images in our .ace format are deliverable on CD, over networks and on the Internet makes Axion’s products a powerful option. Evaluation copies of its products, especially image compression software, can be freely downloaded from this site.

This link contains the details of a software system, ImageSTOR that provides powerful tools for compressing, storing and managing your valuable spatial imageries efficiently. Once images are placed in an ImageSTOR database, it becomes a central repository from which image assets can be easily located, explored, and used in GIS projects. Through advanced image compression and dramatic speed improvements, ImageSTOR will greatly improve the efficiency of workflow.

Aware’s Software Compression Group currently provides a number of wavelet-based image compression products appropriate for use in high-quality, bandwidth sensitive applications. Aware’s compression solutions can be quickly and seamlessly integrated into existing applications and systems. All of the compression software products are pure software applications designed to run on various computer platforms. Further information about their products can be had from their site.

LuraTech is a technology leader in image and document compression solutions. LuraWave (.LWF) is a scalable, multi-resolution proprietary image format which represents image data using wavelets. The LuraWave image compression technology offers a number of additional features and flexibility over the current JPEG standard. Large digital image files can be compressed to less than 2 per cent of its original file size.

This link to a white paper document on image formats discusses the relative strengths and weaknesses of image formats and corresponding compression algorithms well suited to the sharing of simple graphical images across multiple platforms. The specific formats discussed are TIFF, JPEG/JFIF, GIF, PNG, and PDF; and the compression algorithms are CCITT 3 and 4, JPEG, LZW, and PNG 0.