High Resolution Imagery

High Resolution Imagery


The website provides imagery solutions for a variety of application field, including mapping, natural resources, consumer, and national security. The imagery products are described by resolution from high to low, with a separate category for Radar products. OrbView Cities high resolution and OrbView-2 lower resolution images are available for purchase through our online Data Stores. OrbView Cities is a growing data store of high-resolution one-meter panchromatic imagery that can be used right at the desktop. Available in 1:24,000- is valuable for both business and government users.

 EarthWatch Incorporated claims to be a leading-edge information content provider developing and selling a wide variety of remote sensing based imagery and geospatial information products.EarthWatch was founded by geographic information systems (GIS) and mapping users. The site provides a comprehensive multi-source online digital imagery store, which provides customers online access to a wide array of imagery and derivative information products. To fully support industry standard GIS and image processing systems, it provides standard base file formats as well as content standardisation (proposed by groups such as the Open GIS Consortium). It allows the visitors to supplement current information sources with the most current geospatial information available.

 Spaceimaging.com provides map-accurate and information-rich imagery. Digital Earth provides information to better map, to measure, monitor and manage the world we live in – from our national assets to global crop production. Space Imaging’s collection of high resolution imagery resources grew with the launch of IKONOS, the world’s first one-metre resolution, commercial imaging satellite, on September 24, 1999. Space Imaging markets its products under the brand name of CARTERRA which provide a global resource for governments, business leaders and private citizens, producing a wealth of information about the Earth’s ever-changing cultural and natural features. Access to this growing collection of visual information allows a deeper understanding of the environment, international security, and economic change. The images are useful for farmers who precisely monitor the health of crops and estimate yields, scientists can look at environmentally sensitive areas and predict trends, government officials can monitor and plan enlightened land use policies, city planners can further the development of new housing communities and insurance companies can measure and map property damage after natural disasters.

 ISTAR claims to have embarked on a programme to acquire one meter – resolution 3D imagery. Standardising and automating the production of geographic data. The website provides unique mapping solutions for a wide range of applications, in industries such as telecommunications, defense, oil exploration, local authorities and urban planning. Recently, the site pioneered a technology to capture aerial images using a revolutionary digital airborne sensor, ISTAR is now acquiring high resolution images of major European and US cities and processing this data to produce top quality 3D models and highly accurate orthoimages. The images supply a powerful core for many applications such as geo-marketing, intelligent transport, real estate, entertainment, emergency services monitoring, and environment modelling.

 Getmapping.com, the British company provides the aerial photographic survey of the UKand claims to be one of the dominant digital aerial map providers in the UK. The photographs provided online have been digitally scanned to allow the map to be displayed and manipulated by computer. This allows adjustment for variations in terrain, camera optical effects, ground control points, colour-balancing and edge-matching. The site enumerates useful links for more information and provides imagery for various other countries.