‘HDS brings a new paradigm to the world of surveying’

‘HDS brings a new paradigm to the world of surveying’


In an interview with Geospatial World, Faheem Khan shares the benefits of high definition surveying (HDS) over conventional surveying

Faheem Khan
Faheem Khan
Regional Sales Director – Geospatial Solutions
Leica Geosystems

In an interview with Geospatial World, Faheem Khan shares the benefits of high definition surveying (HDS) over conventional surveying

Which countries in Asia Pacific does Leica Geosystems operate in? What are your activities in this region?
Leica Geosystems operates throughout the Asia Pacific region with local offices and business partners running our commercial operations. We also have R&D centres in places such as Singapore and Brisbane, conducting various levels of product research and development work to bring to our customers the products and services that meet their needs.

Which are the key verticals that Leica Geosystems has identified for its growth in the region?
We enjoy strong market shares in the survey and mapping markets where high-performance, accuracy and reliability is required. We enjoy balanced growth across the region in various product and market segments. The verticals that promise further growth lie in products and technologies that serve resource driven industries such as plant and process as well as minerals and materials.

A key and interesting component of Leica Geosystems’ overall surveying offerings is high definition surveying (HDS). Can you brief us about HDS (or 3D laser scanning)? How does it compare to conventional surveying?
HDS brings a new paradigm to the world of surveying. A traditional total station survey operation delivers 400-500 highly accurate survey points per day, defining a deliverable that the user needs. HDS, on the other hand captures over 50,000 points every second! This, with the ease in how performance data capture is achieved, allows surveyors to target markets that were not accessible with conventional methods before and reduce their operational costs significantly.

What are the HDS surveying solutions that Leica Geosystems offer?
At Leica Geosystems, we have combined technologies in robotic total stations with 3D scanning and delivered products such as the ScanStation C10 with Cyclone, our point cloud processing suite to deliver complete HDS solutions. The steps from scanning to deliverables, which earlier used to take days, are now reduced to hours due to automation and improvement in both hardware and software technologies over the years. We combine this with the largest portfolio of hardware and software products, providing depth and solutions for almost every requirement.

Which applications in particular can benefit from HDS?
HDS provides a quick route to 3D deliverables and analysis with applications in a diverse range of industries, eg mining, building and BIM, forensic, survey, plant engineering, heritage and civil survey.

Users in Asia Pacific are realising significant returns on investments, particularly clients looking to capture assets which may not have proper as-built documentation and in helping them execute revamp/retrofit projects with zero rework or defects. This is one of the major draw cards for this technology for projects of all types.

How is the uptake and demand for this technology?
We have been in the HDS business for over 10 years and growing at a healthy rate throughout. We have many customers who own not one but multiple systems and have developed successful businesses around the HDS technology. With growing awareness of point cloud data, HDS is poised for continuous growth simply because customers want to reduce risk and improve profitability.

Do you offer any training for the use of this technology and upgrade the existing skills of the surveyors?
We offer highly structured training for several key verticals (e.g civil survey, plant, forensic and mining) and cover not only the technical aspects of the products and markets but also assist our customers in solving their business needs allowing them the opportunity to fully exploit the value of HDS.