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[email protected] initiative in Disaster Management

Alka Singhal
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Volume and frequency of Natural Disasters have been increasing day by day and more and more geographical spread is getting caught in the clutches of natural disasters. India is under tremendous pressures of disaster occurrences on regular basis. India, with the tropical climate and unstable landforms, coupled with high population density, poverty, illiteracy and lack of adequate infrastructure is one of the most vulnerable developing countries to suffer from various natural disasters, with a devastating impact on human life, economy and environment. The situation is such a paradox that at one point of time one part of the country suffers from flood and at the same time another part is caught by drought. Though it is almost impossible to fully recoup the damage caused by disasters but it is possible to make a comprehensive approach for the management of disasters.

In view of the above, [email protected] has taken several initiatives creating awareness about roll of GIS in disaster management.

What, [email protected] has done?

What [email protected] will do?

  • [email protected] is organising a conference “Disasters – Is Delhi Prepared ?” , in association with the Joint Assistance Centre, New Delhi on September 18-19, 2000. It will cover three important disasters: flood, earthquake and fire.
  • A National Conference and Exhibition on Disaster Management is being organised by [email protected] on October 11-12, 2000 in association with the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperation, Government of India
  • One more national level conference will be held in December in association with Joint assistance Centre, New Delhi.

In the conferences effort will be made to highlight the role of GIS in disaster management. The forthcoming issues of [email protected] will contain exclusive coverage on disaster management. We will be glad to receive your valuable view, suggestions and comments.