GIS Web and iOS travel apps to stimulate tourism industry

GIS Web and iOS travel apps to stimulate tourism industry


City Government of Chiayi, Taiwan develops a GIS website and iOS GIS apps to promote its local tourism industry. The tools serve as excellent introductions to the local traditional culture and indirectly stimulate economic revitalisation in the city.

Located in the plains of southwestern Taiwan, Chiayi City is famous for its three great national scenic areas surrounded with high hills and abundant water resources. High-speed rail development makes it more convenient for people to travel to this city for holidays.

Supergeo cooperated with Chiayi City Government to build a GIS website and GIS travel applications for Apple users to promote business opportunity of local industries, tourism and creative souvenirs in Chiayi. This project focuses on special stores, vintage factories and aged stores and includes culture-related elements such as festival, handicraft souvenirs, agricultural products and specialties.

 Chiayi Travel Guide App

This project is planned to assist local special aged stores that match specified conditions and have willingness to restructure through gathering coordinates of stores, executing Nearest Neighbour Analysis and utilising spatial data to emphasise culture of traditional industry and promote special industry in the city.

To achieve this, a GIS website and mobile apps were developed to record the data about human resource management, and construction of aesthetics for the living space and then formulate creative marketing campaigns to increase jobs and accelerate urban economic revitalisation in the city.

GIS web and iOS travel apps

The website, developed using SuperGIS Server, includes front-end and back-end platforms. The back-end platform enables administrators to easily upload and manage data usage, as well as showing the audited data on the front-end platform for query.

The two iOS travel apps integrated with PR (Pattern Recognition) and AR (Augmented Reality) technologies, allowing Apple users to find and show the locations of nearby stores through iPhone or iPad. Also, Google Map Display was adopted as the basemap to diversify and facilitate utility of apps’ functions for better route planning. Chiayi Travel Guide App allows users to apply a variety of functions such as tourist attraction query tool and store recommendations to obtain useful travel information for better itinerary planning.

Future development

In the near future, SuperGIS Network Server will be employed to perform network analysis, assisting administrators in obtaining results that match with the real-time environment and maintaining network data through management tools. New Android travel apps will also be created to make travel planning more efficient using up-to-date information and interactive maps.