GIS revolutionises health service delivery

GIS revolutionises health service delivery


Thane Municipal Corporation is leveraging CyberTech’s GIS expertise to revolutionise health service delivery and governance

Incepted in 1982, Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC) is one of the leading civic bodies in the state of Maharashtra, India. The organization manages more than 115 wards across a vast area of nearly 130 sq km, with a population density of more than 14000 /

Business situation
Thane city has been one of the frontrunners in using leading geospatial technologies to empower governance functions. TMC’s earlier collaboration with CyberTech to geo-enable some of its critical municipal functions had been already exhibiting significant cost and efficiency benefits. This led the organisation to seek a similar integrated and effective tool to help design effective health policies and provide quality citizen services.

TMC again decided to team up with CyberTech to now provide the same geo-tech empowerment to its health department. CyberTech offered its flagship GeoCivicTM Public Health Management solution, designed to meet the end-to-end healthcare administration needs of Indian Local Governments.

CyberTech Solution – GeoCivicTM Public Health Management
Detailed interviews and meetings with key TMC stakeholders led CyberTech to understand that providing relevant and timely health services is critical to build trust and wellness among citizens. To make prompt health decisions and ensure their effective execution, a holistic view of all health processes and functions was necessary.

This called for integrated, geo-enabled health information management across TMC, government health posts and other public and private health service entities in the city. CyberTech’s consultants studied each TMC health process and its lifecycle in detail, along with the associated objectives and challenges. Key challenges included:

  • Manual data collection processes with most of the information lacking geographic intelligence
  • Poor health mapping with inadequate coverage across citizens, hospitals and medical centres
  • Limited understanding of citizen health needs
  • Inability to provide timely, consolidated and accurate service information to citizens
  • Limited functional integration, leading to multiple data and process redundancies
  • Undue wastage of time, costs and effort

Having already built a comprehensive geo-database model earlier with numerous layers of city infrastructure, CyberTech conducted a specific survey to extend the information coverage to health-specific layers. These included hospitals, government health posts, medical centers, blood banks, ambulance services, maternity homes, clinics, chemist outlets etc.

The GeoCivicTM Public Health Management application was then deployed to provide TMC health officials with a complete health decision support engine comprising seamless information access and powerful geo-analytics with automated reporting capabilities. Select application highlights included:

  • Independent registrations, log-ins and application access controls for hospitals, health posts and TMC functions
  • In-built forms tracking and data review mechanism
  • Multiple predefined reports with graphical representations
  • Advanced thematic maps for spatial disease, epidemic and other health emergency mapping
  • Detailed heat maps to map disease intensities by location
  • Continuous health inventory tracking
  • Advanced search for nearest health facilities with route analysis, to quickly and efficiently address health emergency situations
  • Online citizen portal incorporating citizen feedback and complaint redressal

“CyberTech’sGeoCivic Public Health Management solution has truly brought about a complete transformation in our delivery of health services, making us a more efficient and citizen centric Government body. I appreciate the competency and commitment that the entire CyberTech team has demonstrated to make this strategic engagement a resounding success.”

Dr. R. T. Kendre
MOH, Health Department, TMC

GeoCivicTM Public Health Management benefits

The benefits of GeoCivic public health management included:

  • Extensive health mapping with full coverage across the city
  • Efficient health services, planning and administration through advanced analytics and reporting
  • Improved disease management and control
  • Continuous monitoring of key health factors such as birth / death rate, child sex ratio etc.
  • Efficient health / vaccination campaign execution
  • Timely monitoring and provision of health resources
  • Highly responsive health emergency management
  • Increased citizen service efficiency
  • End-to-end health process automation saving a lot of the TMC’s time, effort and costs