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GIS reaches Indian Railways

The Indian Railways (IR) is using GIS for the implementation of phase I of the Long Range Decision-Support System. This project has been under development since the last two years.

The system incorporates GIS (ArcView) as a user interface, as means of storing and retrieving system inventory and facility management data, as a link to transportation models, and as an interface to a set of evaluation tools for investment and marketing decisions. The system added flexibility and analytic power as well as spatial data that was not previously available in a timely fashion to managers. The system has the potential to identify major costs savings in achieving rail line capacity expansion and contributes to the process of changing IR priorities to achieve more cost-effective investments and marketing strategies.

For details contact:
A Mukherjee,
Indian Railway Board, Ministry of Railways, Rail Bhavan New Delhi,
Ph. 91-11-338 5035