GIS: Protecting communities

GIS: Protecting communities


GIS: Protecting communities
12th esri South Asia User Meet, Indonesia

Adeeti Jain,
[email protected]

The 12th ESRI South Asia User Meet was held at Bali International Convention Centre Nusa Dua, Indonesia from 2nd – 4th March 2005. Being an event poised to update and render support to the wide ESRI user-base in South Asia, it was attended by more than 130 users from countries as far as Bangladesh and India apart from the users from Indonesia and the neighboring countries of Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Thailand and Australia.

The 12th ESRI user meet focused on ‘ GIS -Protecting our communities’. Mr. James Durana Managing Director ESRI South Asia Group elaborated on the theme to say that in today’s world Communities cross the traditional geographical boundaries as a result of the accelerated ability to exchange information in a global realm. Today we have communities of common and shared interests, connected by and operating in an instantaneous and virtual context. The User Meet showcased the implementation of various applications developed on the ESRI GIS solution assuring the protection of the today’s broad communities, which transgress the geographical boundaries.

The conference was inaugurated in the traditional Balinese custom by the ringing of a gong three times by the Honorable Vice- Governor of Bali Province. He spoke of the susceptibility of the region to Natural disasters and how GIS acts as a system for early detection as well as post disaster management and rehabilitation.

The first day of the conference was dominated by sessions on Emergency Management, and applications of GIS and Remote Sensing for Defense. This was followed by close up of ArcGIS 9.1 in terms of new utilities and tools available in the latest version 9.1. Mr. James Durana, The managing director of ESRI SA gave an overview of ESRI South Asia.

The entire conference audience was virtually transported from the highly technical world of Geomatics to the deep dark rain forests of the Tanjung Puting National Park at Kalimantan by Dr. Birute Mary Galdikas, the President of Orangutan Foundation International (OFI). OFI is in the process of implementing GIS with the support from ESRI and its GIS volunteer base.

Technical Sessions
Day two saw technical presentations from vendors, business partners and ESRI users. Presentations by LizardTech Inc, Trimble Navigation Limited, Spot Asia Pte Ltd and BMT Asia Pacific Pte Ltd. were made followed by community focused presentations on various applications like Optimal path routing in Emergency situations, Fear of Crime in Jakarta and GIS in Health research etc from ESRI user base in the region.

The third day of the conference was devoted to technical workshops providing an insight into the application, operation, use and workflows of various ESRI products. Five workshops were conducted, sharing knowledge with the audience on Developing Applications on ArcGIS Server, Imagery and 3D Modeling, Exploring ArcGIS interoperability through Data Delivery and Data Interoperability Extensions, Knowing the ArcGIS Geodatabase and ArcGIS Data Models and Using Topology to Maintain Data Integrity with ArcGIS.

A total of 12 exhibitors, exhibited their products and Services during the three day conference. Pt. Nusantara Secom Infotech and Hewlett Packard were the co-sponsors for the conference while Satyam Computer Services Ltd had sponsored the lunch for the first day of the conference.