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GIS in Town Planning

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GIS software to guide the Town Planning Authorities in implementation of Town Planning Scheme

The Town Planning and Valuation Department of the Government of Gujarat, is involved in preparation of Town Planning Schemes through Municipal Corporations, Urban Development Authorities, Area Development Authorities, Nagar Palikas, Village and Nagar Panchayat and Appointed Panels. The Department is also involved in sanctioning the Town Planning Schemes thereby meeting the requirements of “The Gujarat Town Planning & Urban Development Act 1976”.

Earlier, Town Planning Schemes were prepared manually by planners. The process of Preparation, Publication & Implementation of Town Planning Scheme was a complex process and passed through various stages. Manual preparation of the Schemes added to already complex problems. It was then the Chief Town Planner, Government of Gujarat took an innovative and appreciable step towards modernisation of this process using GIS Technology.

In the present environment, looking at the large requirement of urbanisation, it was decided by Chief Town Planner to prepare a GIS Software integrated with user friendly tools which will guide the Town Planning Authorities in implementation of Town Planning Scheme.

Town Planning & Valuation seeked the help of PAM consultants and the result was the development of “TownMAP GIS” a customised GIS Software that would be used to efficiently prepare Town Planning Schemes.

Using the software, the Town Planning Scheme are being prepared in accordance with “The Gujarat Town Planning & Urban Development Act 1976” which was further amended on March 9, 1999.

The software will guide the Planner to maintain time limits starting from declaration of intention till the Town Planning Scheme comes into force as specified in the Gujarat Town Planning and Urban Development Act.

The Scheme will be developed in such a way that only authorised persons will have the right to access the software by providing proper passwords.

Data like sales records, resolutions, publication dates, declarations and all relevant information at consultation, draft scheme, preliminary and final scheme stages for the Scheme will flow from Planner to Chief Town Planner and vise-a-versa and will be entered through Customized Forms. The Planners will become free from handling project data as the data files would be maintained by the software. All the existing landuse, development plan, survey plan or scheme proposals and other relevant information will be digitised through Customized Arc/Info Shells provided in the software.

Re-allocation of land will be done in such a manner that the owner will be allocated the Final Plot preferably on the same or nearby location.

Based on sales figures, geographical & topographical conditions of every plot, the software generates tentative Original Plot (O. P.) Valuation. After reconstitution, based on Area of F. P., frontage on road and access on different width of roads, the software again generates tentative Final Plot (F. P.) Valuation. This will facilitate the Planner to workout the Scheme cost and finalise the final form “Form ‘F’ ”.

Finally, the Scheme can be obtained in two different languages English and Gujarati as a result of the Multi-lingual support of the software.