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GIS in Hindi? you must be joking!

A monthly mapping technology magazine in Hindi launched

Manchitran Taknik (Mapping Technique) is the first and the only monthly magazine published in Hindi, which gives the information regarding various ancient and modern cartographic techniques. It has started published from September 2000.

The magazine contains articles from reputed authors who are working in the field of mapping and remote sensing techniques. It also attempts to look after the interest of the entire spectrum of readers. There are articles, which describe the fundamentals of mapping, its importance and history. There is a section ‘Bal Manchitran’ which is for school children, who are using maps in their school curriculums but very few of them know really about the making of maps. According to the editor, this will be the regular section in the magazine. There are artciles on government initiatives and also from academia. Besides application, there are few articles on mapping technology like Geo-Processing and Resource Management. Apart from above articles, it also contains information about the free software available on the Internet, stories of personal experiences during survey work, etc. The magazine in general focusses on Indian region.

The magazine is very informative and articles are presented in a very simple language. The efforts of the editor are praiseworthy. The magazine will go a long way to take GIS technology to common man in the language of common man. Manchitran Taknik can be accessed on line at www.GISdevelopment.net/manchitran.

Editor: Dr. Mahesh Chandra Ozha
Email: [email protected]
Publisher: MasterMind Printing World, Indore
Price: Rs. 15

Alka Singhal