GIS in Bangladesh A Perspective

GIS in Bangladesh A Perspective


In dialogue with Md Shahidul Islam, MIS Cell, Local Government and Engineering Department, Bangladesh, we learned about the GIS scenario in his country…

What are the initiatives of the government related to the mapping policy in Bangladesh?
No initiative in terms of policy.

What are major constraints in the GIS education?
Lack of GIS professionals and initiatives. However, Geography department of some universities are offering GIS courses presently.

What has been the influence the Geomatics education on development works?
Various private agencies such as Centre for Environmental and Geographic Information Services (EGIS), Surface Water Modelling Centre (SWMC) and public organizations like Local Government and Engineering Department (LGED), Department of Road and Highways (R&H), Bangladesh Agriculture Research Council (BARC) and Water Resources Planning Organization (WARPO) are trying to incorporate Geomatics knowledge in their planning process.

Can you elaborate the ICT (Information and Communication Technology) infrastructure that has facilitated the development works and the geospatial development?
The status is not satisfactory because modern infrastructures are not yet established. Communication mainly depends on old telephone line which is not widely available and affordable. But scenario is changing rapidly. Broadband internet is being popular. Bangladesh will join the optical fiber based information highways very soon.

What is the demand for geospatial data in Bangladesh?
Not too much. Use of geospatial data still is in a preliminary stage.

What has been Private sector contribution in the development of the GIS industry in Bangladesh?
Yes, private sector organizations are contributing in the development of the GIS industry in Bangladesh? Ciproco, EGIS, SWMC etc are doing good jobs.

What are the government initiatives in RS, GIS and GPS?
Some public sector organization namely LGED, R&H, BARC, WARPO are using mainly GIS and GPS. Use of Remote Sensing data is very limited. RS is being used in some project work.