GIS Based Road Accidents Analysis: Case Study of the Emirate of Dubai

GIS Based Road Accidents Analysis: Case Study of the Emirate of Dubai



Satyam Thakar

Research Associate
Roadway, Transportation and Traffic Safety Research Center (RTTSRC),
Email: [email protected]

Increasing road accidents and fatalities has made ‘Road Safety’ a major issue, with more accidents, health facilities are overloaded and nation is suffering economic loss. This makes it very important to understand the traffic flow, incident scenarios, etc. before application of any hardcore planning. Application of GIS in the road accident analysis can help in understanding the traffic scenario and hence provision of smart solutions.A road section might experience many accidents over a period which might be due to driver’s error, faulty road design, environmental factors, etc. Analysis of a road section can be carried out in static aspect and dynamic aspect. Static aspect analyzes the road incidents database considering the factors don’t change while dynamic aspect looks on these factors by differentiating them in terms of different time slots.Dubai is experiencing increasing road accidents over the past few years as the transportation infrastructure development is not in pace with the real estate development. The Dubai Municipality is creating and updating a road accident database with information on the community (such as district id, name, area), road geometry (like road name, length of the road section, travel direction), and various information related to the accident (location, vehicle, etc.).