GIS Based Emergency Response System for a Part of Chennai, Tamil Nadu...

GIS Based Emergency Response System for a Part of Chennai, Tamil Nadu Using GIS


S. Vasantha Kumar
GIS Engineer
Centre for Disaster Mitigation and Management (CDMM),
Email: [email protected]

DVS Bhagavanulu
Deputy Director
VIT University, Vellore, India

GIS Engineer
VIT University, Vellore, India

Chennai, the capital of the state of Tamil Nadu, is the 34th largest metropolitan area in the world. Developing an emergency response system is essential for a city with rapidly growing potential especially in the area of IT hub. Though it is having all infrastructural and medical facilities, the problem lies in finding the optimum/best facility from an incident location. Considering this, a pilot study was carried out taking into account three incidents fire, accident and crime for a part of Chennai city covering an area of around 50 square kilometer. The software used is ArcGIS 9.2 with the sophisticated Network Analyst extension. The response system can able to answer the four questions namely finding the optimum/best route in terms of shortest & quickest route from an incident to the facility, identifying the closest facility like closest fire station to a fire incident location etc., capturing service areas for a facility like location of hospitals which are within 5 to 15 minute drive from the accident spot, plotting O-D (origin-destination) cost matrix from multiple origins to multiple destinations. The major parameters to be considered are speed of the vehicle, one-way streets, time to travel in a given route during peak & off-peak hours and turn restrictions. The proposed system will not only act as a source of preparedness but also to find out the number and type of each support facility able to assist in responding to a disaster.