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GIS based blood donor information system

S Raghavendran
S Raghavendran
Chennai, india
[email protected]

This paper is a proof-of-concept for the City of Chennai, to show how GIS can be used to quickly locate the blood donors of the required blood group nearer to a given hospital location on a GIS based map of Chennai City. The proof-of-concept is a GIS map based interface, a linkage of database of the blood donors and the base map of Chennai City, thereby creating a searchable interface for those in search of blood donors

We stand in an IT dominant era with tech savvy society, where most things happen at the click of a mouse. Phone calls to friends and relatives with a great deal of anxiety are quite common during medical emergencies arising out of accidents or illness or other such medical conditions. One is often caught scrambling during such critical times for much-needed information, the information regarding blood donors. Geography or GIS for that matter, has never been so closer offering a helping hand in our day-today life. Though GIS is being applied for logistics in transporting the accident victims to the appropriate hospital from the accident spot, evidences are not available regarding applying GIS for blood donors and receivers. In the recent past, help is available on the net: . com – a Nagpur-based website founded by Khusroo Poacha, that has information on blood donors across the country.

The need of blood is great. On any given day in India, an average of 34,000 units of blood are needed to save precious human lives from accident and burns, heart surgery, organ transplants and patients receiving treatment for leukemia, cancer and other diseases (https://www.blooddonations.org). Millions of people owe their lives to people they will never meet – people who donate their blood freely and without any reward. Needless to emphasise on the need to donate blood and to hail the unsung heroes (Blood donors). It is after taking into account the need to promote blood donation and related activities, 14 June every year starting 2004, has been selected as World Blood Donor Day by three major organizations working for voluntary non-remunerated blood donation: the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, the International Federation of Blood Donor Organizations and the International Society of Blood Transfusion. These organizations have been joined by the World Health Organization (https://www.wbdd.org).