GIS Approach to Map Housing Colony

GIS Approach to Map Housing Colony


G.V. Bapalu
G.V. Bapalu
Department of Civil Engineering,
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, Kanpur
[email protected]

The prepared digital database will give complete information about the local housing board colony in a more flexible way, by conveying the technical concepts of GIS study subjects to non-scientists. The resource map of the colony prepared shows where things are, lets one to find the places that have the features one was looking for and to see where to take necessary action

The present paper is based on the project named “Mapping of Local Housing Board colony, Machilipatnam – A GIS Approach”. This project was carried out with the assistance of A.P. Housing Board Department, Machilipatnam and S.V.H. College of Engineering, Machilipatnam. The main objective was to create an integrated information source using GIS that would provide the Machilipatnam Municipal Corporation (MMC) with the necessary tools to develop the area socially, economically as otherwise.

Preparing a GIS data base for the municipality is not a simple task, considering the municipality itself did not have appropriate maps to handle the various activities like house details, water supply, electricity, town planning, roads and building construction, commercial establishments, land and building ownership, etc. Firstly, survey for the details of the inmates of the colony was conducted manually and data was collected for 275 houses (both Lower Income Group and Middle Income Group) and other information regarding electric pole data, road network data were collected from the relevant departments of the A.P.Housing Board, Machilipatnam. All relevant information about the individual houses (78 parameters) was organized in the form of a survey sheet as shown in the Fig. 1. The other objective of developing the GIS based application system is to improve the functioning of various departments under the MMC by automation, enabling the decision making by analysis, easy information retrieval and timely, accurate, complete and updated information on corporation.

Study Area
Machilipatnam town is the head quarter of the Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh. It was constituted as Municipality in 1866 and upgraded to Special Grade Municipality in 1980.It was one of the oldest municipality in the country with a population of about 1, 83,370 (as per 2001 census) and its population density is 6875 people/sq. km. The town covers an area of 26.67 sq. km, located between 16º10’50” North Latitude and 81º10’50” East Longitude, about 348 km away from the state capital, Hyderabad. It also gets Rs.1, 198.06 lakhs per year for income (including grants) and yearly expenditure is Rs.1, 140.91 lakhs. There are 36 municipal wards in the town and the present study area was the Housing Board Colony (Fig.1.) and is one among them.

Fig 1 Location map of Housing Board Colony, Machilipatnam
The conceptual view of GIS based Land Information System (LIS) and the methodology followed was presented in Fig.2. The working layout plan of the local Housing Board Colony was obtained from the department of A.P. Housing Board, Machilipatnam.

Fig 2 Conceptual view of the GIS based Land Information System
The details of roads and electric pole data in the colony were also obtained from the same department. The digital layout plan (digital map) of the colony was prepared in 3 layers in AutoCAD to the same scale (1:25,000) as that of the actual layout plan, showing houses in the colony as 1st layer, and electric poles data as 2nd layer, and roads in the colony as the 3rd layer.