GIS and 3D Visualization Of Groundwater Resourse Studies in and Around Neyveli...

GIS and 3D Visualization Of Groundwater Resourse Studies in and Around Neyveli Lignite Mine Environment, Tamil Nadu, India


Department of Earth Sciences,
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Department of Geology, Bharathidasan University, Trichy

TWAD, Chennai

Department of Earth Sciences, Annamalai University, Annamalainagar

Water levels vary season wise and also with respect annually. The rainfall maxima was noticed during northeast monsoon and ended up it in summer season. It is high at the wet season and low at the end of the dry season; likewise, they are high at the end of a wet year and low at the end of one or more dry years. Nevertheless, on a long-term basis, naturally occurring groundwater levels tend to be steady, i.e., they undergo very little change. Water is charged in the upstream and discharged downstream. Recharge areas are close to mountain peaks, where precipitation is likely to be higher than in the adjacent lowlands. This paper is aimed for the identification of spatial domain, where the rainfall is more and where the water level is deep in 3D form. The rainfall and water level is integrated by giving the weightages and taken to Geology map to see the best site with respect to the said theme. The results were derived by using the platform. The suitable site were located and displayed.