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Geospatial Technology Convergence ? Trends and Directions

Geospatial Technology Convergence ? Trends and Directions

Convergence is the key to geospatial – and it is happening fast. And the reasons are clear!

IT driving change in Geospatial Industry

The IT infrastructure is moving to the cloud, so your applications and the data driving it. Your workforce and your clients are mobile, and they expect the solutions you provide for them to be mobile, with offline and sync capabilities. Because you the computing capacities have gone up you are now able to manage hold in and manage the big data, and analytics are now possible as your software meets those expectations.

So the software you buy is now subscription based, the data you store and consume is delivered on-demand as service by your satellite data and maps providers. Your field force now started collecting data using their mobile devices just by installing the geospatial app. You are able to manage this big data with 4th dimension of time coming from sensors data, data from UAVs, mobiles etc. Your favorite software vendor now enables you to take advantage of analytics and data driven decision-making dashboards.

Geospatial Technology getting Dynamic

And the technology providers in geospatial industry are also helping you ease your work of collecting data with UAVs, having detailed data from mobile mapping for your engineering needs. LiDAR sensors are more accurate, efficient and can fit in to any of your data platforms, be it terrestrial or aerial.

When indoor maps, are becoming the new de facto, data creation of indoors is also now possible through indoor mobile mapping, using a mobile mapper on a trolley or even as a back pack.

And we are in an era of WOW! We are one of those lucky ones to witness these technology trends.

Getting to know the geospatial technology trends!

This is one thing we like, and even our audience and customers who are Technophiles would want to witness. This is what we do all the time, through our Geospatial World Magazine, and geospatial events.

GeoBuiz Summit 2016 is one of the events that is scheduled to be held from 26-27 March at Bethesda, Maryland, USA.  Here we have received overwhelming response and proactive participation of geospatial leadership and stakeholders towards evolving GeoBuiz Summit as a collaborative platform to learn, share, deliberate, demonstrate, and work together towards convergence of geospatial profession with larger engineering and IT industries.

Speakers at GeoBuiz Summit 2016 - Keynote session on geospatial technology trends

As part of the Keynote Session 1 on 'Geospatial Technology Trends and Business Models’ the speakers would touch upon emerging technology developments, trends and its influence on impact on prospective business models. These guys who are topnotch technophiles will share their perspectives on technology developments and emerging business models.

We are proud to say that GeoBuiz Summit has originated as a collaborative platform being produced by several stakeholders including Geospatial Media, ASPRS, GITA, OGC, MAPPS, IJIS, Space Policy Institute, GEO Secretariat along with Trimble, DigitalGlobe, Hexagon, Oracle, xAd, and many more who have contributed in overall agenda.