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Increasing map service performance to enhance customer experience

Geospatial Cloud platform
City of Brisbane

Brisbane City Council (BCC) is the largest local government in Australia with well over 1 million residents. BCC is committed to responsibly managing the city. It strives to set and maintain the highest service standards to ensure real value is delivered for Brisbane’s rate payers and residents.

The Challenge

Upgrading legacy mapping service to support mobile devices and improve performance

BCC offers customers access to an online mapping service, eBIMAP (Brisbane’s Integrated Map of Assets and Property). Feedback on the original system suggested improvements were needed in availability, performance and device-independent access, which management saw as an opportunity to take advantage of the Cloud. BCC realised it needed to:

  • Use Web-based mapping technology to provide up-to-date geospatial data
  • Create a fully responsive online service that can be accessed from any device
  • Increase customer confidence that the service is easily accessible and maintains integrity
  • Provide a user-friendly platform with enhanced functionality including analysis and reporting

The Solution

Cloud-hosted mapping technology

AAM designed, developed and deployed the Web application, eBIMAP2, on GEOCIRRUS, AAM’s geospatial Cloud platform. BCC customers can access asset and property information on any device — desktops, tablets and smartphones — using the eBIMAP2 Web viewer, that:

  • Is compatible with all recognised Web browsers
  • Provides search criteria including address, lot and plan number, and postcode
  • Includes base maps and aerial imagery from 1946 and current-day
  • Offers analysis tools such as spatial buffering, report generation and attribute queries
  • Allows high-quality printing from A4 to A0 formats
    Gives greater control over mapping layers and layer transparency
  • Provides coordinate readouts in various formats

Geospatial Cloud platform

The Results

Improved user satisfaction and increased accessibility

Under AAM’s management, eBIMAP2 is regularly updated to ensure currency and veracity. The new Cloud-based mapping service has experienced increased uptake as it:

  • Improves customer satisfaction through confidence in the information provided
  • Provides a comprehensive and easy-to-use online mapping service with high availability
  • Increases user accessibility through Cloud-based infrastructure and device independence, accessible anywhere, anytime and on most devices.