Geomatics applications have grown in all sectors

Geomatics applications have grown in all sectors


Yoichi Sugimoto
Yoichi Sugimoto
President and COO
Pasco corporation
Tokyo, Japan
Emailt:[email protected]

Pasco President and COO Yoichi Sugimoto shares his views about the past, present and the future of geomatics in Japan. He dwells on the role of private sector towards the growth of Geomatics in the land of the rising sun. He also talks about the present policies relating to geomatics in Japan

  • What is the present scenario of Geomatics in Japan?
  • In response to the needs of the age, geomatics organizations in Japan possess highly developed geomatic infrastructures with inventive systems like digital high-resolution airborne multi-line sensors, new application software developed based on our own expertise and standardized geographical data.

    Because of the limitation with high-resolution satellite images for instance limited resolution, non-acquisition of images simultaneously at several places, and timing, the trend now is to exploit digital airborne high-resolution sensors of different bandwidth for diverse applications. Apart from national security and civil administration, there are many commercial applications for Geomatics systems in the fields of agriculture, forestry, facility mapping, construction, infrastructure, telecommunications, Insurance and disaster management, etc.

    These days, GIS is the backbone field of IT industry and it has been showing steady growth in Japan. The GIS applications in developing public utility systems, assessment of location and commercial circle analysis, 3D Virtual Reality, remote-reality (tourism) and education is becoming important today. GIS data will be used extensively via ultra-high-speed IPv6 Internet environments, shopping malls that utilize mobile terminals, apparel displays and sales using IT, model houses, electronic applications, electronic first aid, digitisation of education, etc.

  • Geomatics has varied applications in today’s world. In which areas of application is the private sector involved?
  • Broadly Geomatics firms in Japan are engaged in expressway constructions, new railroad constructions, subway constructions, and employ GPS technology for land and resources surveys/vehicle tracking and navigational tools; actively involved in the insurance sector, real estate market planning for consumer durables, telecommunication sectors for distribution networking, and also in planning and management of agro-forestry and agro-horticulture.

    Besides, there is a sea change in Japanese current Geomatics applications in value added services that have grown to all sectors particularly in the AM/FM. Major GIS database vendors are aiming at the money-spinning business market segments such as vehicle navigation, real estate, security and surveillances. By and large, several 2D/3D GIS car navigation systems in Japan expediently use the ATIS (Advanced Traffic Information Service) and VICS (Vehicle Information & Communication System), which are composed based on indigenous and advanced GIS and visualization techniques. Many clients wanted automatic textured 3D environments based on LASER and texture images using VR technologies. As VR products provide opportunities for better information presentation, interestingly the VR technology started to penetrate the market and the expanding Internet and Intranet applications further boost up the development for more cost-effective VR solutions. Pragmatic applications of VR technology in Japan cover a broad range of projects such as realistic 3D city models, video games, virtual playgrounds, scientific simulation studies, and using robotics at a heavy construction site