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GeoInt essential for modern warfare

Defence experts from around the world gathered in Brazil recently to be a part of the GeoIntelligence Latin America conference

The second edition of Geointelligence Latin America conference was held from September 12-13, 2013 at Rio de Janerio, Brazil, along with the Latin America Geospatial Forum, and was attended by a large number of participants from the armed forces and security agencies of the region. A galaxy of senior armed forces officers and subject experts presented their views. Highlights of the conference are in succeeding paragraphs.

General Bda Pedro Soares da Silva Neto who heads the Board of Army Geographic Service (DSG) of the Brazilian Army, spoke during the inaugural session and gave a description of the actions taken by DSG in the production of geointelligence for national defence and security, with emphasis on the resource rich Amazon region, the border areas and the upcoming major sports events. The technological aids used in the creation of various applications were also described.

The Brazilian Army is working on an initiative to update and modify their programmes in the areas of concept development, doctrine, leader development, and lessons learned. A vision of the geointelligence doctrine framework for the Brazilian Army was presented by Division General Mario Lucio Alves de Araujo, 3rd Deputy Chief of Staff and Chief of Brazil Army’s Doctrine Centre. He spoke about the existing situation, essential requirements and the challenges being faced. He described the major strategic GIS projects-SISFRON (System for Integrated Monitoring of Frontiers)and PROTECT (Protection of Strategic Land Structures). He stated that a lot of importance is given to providing GIS training to personnel at all levels.

General de Bragada Walter Nilton Pina Stoffel, Commandant of School of Command and Higher Staff, in his presentation stated that due importance is given to GIS in the military decision process making training being imparted, and it forms a core part of all activities and exercises conducted in the school.

Brazil has a long coastline and lays a lot of importance on the protection of its maritime assets. Rear Admiral Andre Luiz Silva Lima de Santana Mendesw, Deputy Chief of Naval Operations Intelligence, Brazil Navy, which is entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring maritime security, gave a historical perspective of geointelligence. He stressed upon the need for appropriate applications to help achieve this task.

Brazil has a huge air space (22.5 million sq km) as its area of responsibility. Cel Av Ricardo Elias Cosendey, Director, Cartography Institute of Aeronautics (ICA), Brazil, gave a comprehensive presentation about the institute, covering the basic structure, main tasks, international standardisation and technical activities. He described the various sub-divisions of cartography and elaborated on their procedures.

The security challenges posed by the threat of terrorist attacks during the upcoming major sports events were highlighted by General Bda Julio Cesar de Arruda, Commander Special Operations Brigade. He stressed upon the need for real-time geointelligence, training and effective coordination between all agencies.

The technical sessions included presentations by leading geospatial solution providers on subjects such as multi-band radar, Lidar, imaging and full motion video, showcasing latest trends and technologies. The exhibition evoked keen interest and provided the users an opportunity to interact with over two dozen industry leaders.

1.Rear Admiral Andre Luiz Silva Lima de Santana Mendesw
2.General Bda Julio Cesar de Arruda
3.General Bda Pedro Soares da Silva Neto
4.General de Bragada Walter Nilton Pina Stoffel
5.Col Alex Vander Lima Costa
6/7.Visitors at the exhibition