Geoinformatics for forest working plan prepartion

Geoinformatics for forest working plan prepartion


Y L P Rao
Conservator of Forests, Working Plan Division
Forest Department Government of Maharashtra

The main objectives of forest management are, protection, conservation and production. Working plan is the description of the decisions and activities to produce the anticipated objectives with regard to the use and conversion of forests in an area. Working Plans have been the foundation of scientific forest management for over a century now in India. In India working plans are prepared for a forest division/sub division usually for a period of 10 years. In the year 1997 to complete the working plans in time, to integrate various scale maps, and to carry out in depth spatial analysis, Forest Department, Government of Maharashtra adopted Remote Sensing and GIS for working plan preparation.

Geographic Location And Description of the Area
Bhor Forest subdivision is situated in Pune district and extends between 18o 26′ N to 18o 00′ North latitudes and between 73o 24′ E to 74o18′ East longitudes. The subdivision has a forest area of 35941 ha spread over a geographic area of 251426 ha. The subdivision extends to over 425 villages and has a population of 451021, as per 2001 census.The altitude varies from 480 meters in the eastern part of sub division to 1440 meters in the west. Part of the sub division area is under western ghats. The average annual rainfall in the western part of the subdivision is 2050 mm and in the eastern part is 500mm. The location map of Bhor sub division is shown in Fig 1.
As per the revised forest type classification by Champion and Seth, following forest types are there in the subdivision.

  • Western Sub-Tropical Hill Forests – 8A/C2
  • Southern Moist Mixed Deciduous Forests
  • Southern Dry mixed deciduous Forests – 5A/C3
  • Thorny Forests – C5 / E3.

Data and Methodology
To prepare the Bhor sub-division Working Plan following graphic data and attribute data pertaining to the subdivision were used:

Graphic data

  • 4 inch to one mile scale ( 1:15840 ) forest topographical maps depicting the reserved forest areas and other features within forest area
  • 1:50000 scale Survey of India topographical maps
  • Map showing forest territorial boundaries viz., range, round, beat and sub division
  • Geology map of Pune district by Geological Survey of India
  • Soil map of Pune district by the National Bureau of Soil Survey and Land Use Planning, (NBSSLUP), Nagpur, India
  • Taluka maps showing village boundaries
  • One inch to one mile scale (1 :63360 ) topographic maps

Fig 1 Location Map of Bhor Forest Sub Division, Pune district

Fig 2 Classified Slope Map

Fig 3 Final Forest Management Map of Bhor Subdivision