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From position to positioning!

Managing the fast developing urban sprawl in the Middle East has become a critical issue. The pressure of urbanization in sectors like traffic, built-up land, open spaces, environment and natural resources calls for a very planned approach in the future with a balanced view, utilising a right mix of technology with decision-making. Positioning and locational technologies coupled with GIS are emerging tools in the West and North.

Remarkable developments have taken place in the field of global positioning technology over the last three decades globally as well as in the Middle East. The American Global Positioning System (GPS) and Russian Global Navigational Satellite System (GLONASS) satellites are today much beyond just military based tools and are playing the role as reliable providers of time, position and navigation information for civilian purposes. The European Union’s ‘GALILEO’ GNSS is the next significant development to happen in this sector, which shall probably take this market and technology to unimaginable heights of usage.

The technology of GPS is of relevance and strategic importance in the Middle East region owing to a number of factors. The fast paced infrastructure development, the economic boom, the emphasis on high end utilities and basic services, and the deep interest in the region for IT enabled services, together make positioning technology a very significant tool of the coming days for the policy makers as well as the end users.

In Middle East, the scope for utilization of this technology is ever more widening. With the national e-Governance initiatives and advanced SDI status in the region, the technology becomes all the more relevant and significant in the days to come.

The future is bright…

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