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The world’s water network is getting busier by the day. Knowing the exact location of ships travelling in water at any given time and where they are headed to is one of the most challenging questions to answer with certainty. This critical situational awareness — the who, where and when on the water — is what exactEarth’s exactAIS information provides. An information anchor for the marine environment, it receives and delivers near-real time global AIS messages to customers via a secure internet link, providing an unparalleled, global view of the recognised maritime picture at any given time, for any given area of ocean.

To transform Satellite AIS data into an integral and actionable beacon of marine intelligence, exactEarth created exactAIS Geospatial Web Services (GWS), a customisable, on-demand data distribution model that allows users to easily access and integrate near-real time (NRT) ship information into existing OGC compliant geospatial platforms such as Esri and Google Earth.

How it works: GWS synthesises and transforms text-based AIS messages into spatial-ready, ship-centric information. Functioning like a vessel information drive-through, users can access the GWS through their existing geospatial platform, choose specific datasets on offer, such as the latest vessel information, historical track information, or ship density maps, and the service then delivers the files for immediate consumption.

While Satellite AIS (S-AIS) data provides ship details like position, course and speed, GWS stands out in its ability to combine the near-real time, individual messages received for a vessel and automatically convert them into a geospatial, vessel-centric model of individual ship movements over time. Those visual and temporal tracks can then be viewed on a map or retrieved on demand.

With GWS, the maritime picture becomes even brighter as it allows customers to access data ‘on-demand’, enabling them to pull out the information they want, when they want it. GWS give users the chance to experience exactAIS data on their own terms — they pilot the vessel data and eliminate the need to understand or deal with the complexities of S-AIS messages because they transform them into easy-to-digest, vessel-centric data.

Customers need only their own geospatial platform to access and retrieve data through the GWS — exactEarth hosts the data on its own dedicated server.

Unique features

  • OGC-certified delivery of maritime vessel information, derived from the latest AIS messages.
  • Ability to seamlessly integrate exactAIS with existing geospatial platforms with little to no time or effort.
  • Provides the ability to create custom data views using filters.
  • On-demand data, which means get what you want, when you want it, and only pay for what you get.