Home Articles Enterprise spatial solution assists with efficient management of Victoria’s park lands

Enterprise spatial solution assists with efficient management of Victoria’s park lands

Enterprise spatial solution assists with efficient management of Victoria’s park lands

July 1998
— Managing close to four million hectacres of public land has become easier for
the staff of Parks Victoria, (Australia), following the success of a pilot
project, which uses a spatial information management system from MapInfo

Called MapInfo SpatialWare, the technology allows Parks
Victoria staff to store, manage and manipulate spatial data in the
organisation’s Oracle database system. Spatial data in this instance is
digitised land boundaries, represented in the database as polygons and

Spatial information is used extensively throughout Parks
Victoria to support a wide range of environmental and open space planning, and
organisational processes. End-users such as park rangers access this information
to assist them in making park management decisions.

Previously, data had
been stored in a variety of electronic and paper formats making information
access a time consuming task.

However, MapInfo’s SpatialWare allowed
Parks Victoria to combine map, (i.e. spatial), and core relational business data
into a single Oracle database, allowing easy access and use of both types of
data for the pilot project.

The ‘strong-box’ of spatial data, as it is
referred to, was compiled for two trial areas – Grampians National Park and
Plenty Gorge Park.

A purpose-built Park Information System drew on the
spatial repository and provided end-users with the means to create and update
their own maps around core business objectives.

The database also
contained business information together with key environmental factors relating
to national parks, public land, major waterways and metropolitan parks. “It was
grouped into six core business management objectives,” said Mr Chris Perry,
Parks Victoria’s Mapping Systems Manager.

Additionally, since the Park
Information System had the MapInfo Professional desktop client linked to the
SpatialWare server, it allowed park rangers in remote offices to create their
own maps based on a standard set of queries. It also ensured Park Rangers could
perform the updating of dynamic data sets on-site and these would automatically
be updated to the corporate spatial server remotely.

As a result, users throughout Parks Victoria have easier access to mapping
solutions that enjoy only current, accurate information.

“The beauty of
the System is that park rangers and officers can also use it for an integrated
mapping application which can access the SpatialWare data repository.

“It delivers a sample set of maps which show typical parks functions
such as weed control and fire management as well as providing the functionality
to enter information into the database.

“Furthermore, a sample set of
reports which reflect analysis of the Parks Victoria data such as chronological
fire history and pest plant management can also be produced,” said Mr Perry.

The pilot project offered Parks Victoria potential benefits arising from
the more efficient management of spatial data, producing cost savings and
improved information distribution to end users. The establishment of this
centrally managed database (the corporate mapbase) consolidates fundamental
datasets specific to Parks Victoria’s functions in managing environmental and
recreational assets.

Through the Pilot Project, MapInfo’s SpatialWare
offered Parks Victoria all the required software components for a complete
enterprise mapping architecture. Following its success, Parks Victoria has
recently announced it will be rolling out MapInfo’s SpatialWare solution across
the whole enterprise.

According to Parks Victoria’s Mr Perry, “It is an
ideal solution for spatial information management that improves business

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