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Ravi Gupta

After the dotcom burst and the 9/11 gloom, there are signs of recovery in GIS market. What will drive the GIS this year in Asia?

I put my bet on these five:

Tracking Mankind’s quest for information continues unabated. From the era of instant phones to instant messages to instant video-conferencing the new rage is find what is where at any point of time. GPS is emerging as a technology that can do this well. From tracking your girlfriend, tracking your kids to tracking the fleets in your organisation, the applications are increasing and so is the business.

Telecom The launch of newer and newer telecom products and services will help revive the GIS market. These companies not only spend huge money on building up their GIS backbones but also are looking at providing newer location based services through their phones, and hence fuelling up the GIS market.

Defence and Internal Security This is one market to look for. After the 9/11 story, no country in the world is taking defence issues lightly. The investments in security and defence systems upgradation continue unabated. GPS, High resolution imageries and of course GIS are in the top agenda of all the security and defence agencies around the globe.

E-governance Countries all over Asia are speeding up e-governance processes to increase their competitiveness and image for foreign investment. This was Rs.14,000 crore market in 2001 – 2002 and this market grew by 18% last year. More and more governments are realising that e-governance is not a luxury but a necessity.

Utility The economic reforms are sweeping the world and first one on the block to get-off on its own with little government support is the utility sector. From the petroleum companies to the power to urban water supply sector, there is a renewed surge of privatisation. This enables GIS implementations take place.

The economy is in for a recovery and so is the GIS market provided President Bush and President Saddam manage to find ways to live amicably and leave the world in peace.

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