Ravi Gupta

Let us think of 2005 with seven major happenings:

  1. The Mapping Policy of India gets enacted. One can order and buy a map of any part of India in not more than five clicks on the Internet. Five other Asian countries follow suit!
  2. All of Asia is declared ‘disaster-prepared’. Whatever be the disaster, human casualty figures won’t exceed 10!
  3. UN World Water Development Report releases ranking. 15 of the top 20 countries are Asian (presently ‘developing’) countries in terms of water quality and availability!
  4. Independent market research on geospatial industry declares 75% of software and services revenue of the world emerging from Asia! Asian companies emerge as the leading developers and service providers in the geospatial technology arena.
  5. Landowners and farmers across Asia start getting their land ownership details over internet kiosks and are able comprehend their land as recognisable assets. There is also an announcement stating that village information systems have been launched in almost every village of Asia.
  6. Japan, China and India, along with the South East Asian tigers, sign on a common Asian space programme to leverage human development and indigenous solutions to local problems!
  7. There is GPS-enabled screen for navigation in every vehicle in Asia.

There is no bound to the powers of dreaming… Let us start dreaming with eyes wide open!

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