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Middle East has been a region marked by availability of resource and willingness to change. The ability to absorb new technologies has always been fast. It is quite evident from the widespread usage of GPS in infrastructure projects, car navigation and transportation including surface and marine. This has been supported by the availability to geospatial database also. The outcome is most of the private cars and taxis which are being sold are fitted with the car navigation system which helps the person look for better routes to go from one place to other. The government initiatives are also worth noting for an example the Dubai Government has implemented through the Road Transport Authority the Intelligent transportation system, ITES along with Dalili which is bound to provide the car navigation systems a new perspective. The private industry too has grown in this segment. There are car navigation solution which comes along with the hardware, necessary software and map data being sold as commodity in the open market. This looks like a sign of maturing of the satellite based navigation and positioning industry.

But, amongst these happening things, there is something missing. Location Based Services. The LBS, which is now under consideration by Etisalat, should be available to the user shortly. The other area, where the Middle East region could look into is the satellite or ground based augmentation system. Possibly it could be looked into by the GCC, which could benefit the entire region of Middle East.

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