Ravi Gupta

We are in the midst of a technological growth that is heading towards the convergence of several technological devices and applications through a single platform – the Web. Today technology enables a phone to shoot pictures, a phone call can activate the microwave in the kitchen and on the Website one can monitor the location of one’s kids whether they are in school or in the neighbouring mall. A tech savvy friend presented me a photo frame that selects a new picture every week from my web album, for display.

A phone, a microwave, a photo-frame and a website – till recently, were unifunctional, contact operable and mute or at the most mono-linguistic utilities. But today ‘interoperability’ gives these utilities a path for amalgamation of functions. This ‘coming together’ is not restrictive to a particular brand of phone or microwave, but visions towards all brands talking to all other brands.

Information which flowed from ‘one to one’, today charts a multifarious path, where the application governs the need for ‘many to many’. Will this eventually lead to ‘all to all’? Within the geographic information domain, where CAD speaks to a GPS and a GIS, and all together port their inputs to the Web server, thus enabling a provincial government official to access the damage due to a burst gas pipeline and the areas to be evacuated in the next one hour. He orders a power shut down and deploys the special alert. On the other hand a common man locates the closest available vacant cab at 3.00pm in the night, without leaving his house.

Is this amalgamation of technologies defining the need for today’s community, while charting the course for tomorrow’s progress?

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