Ravi Gupta

Innovation is the flavour of the day in today’s world! Innovation in every walk of life, which transcends into significant technological advances with multiple choices at every step. For instance technology has geared up to find ways to make advancements in infrastructure development leading to better power, water, transport and other utilities being made available in our daily life. GIS enhancements in this entire operation have further refined this endeavor with more and more examples of success stories emerging in the realm of AM/FM GIS applications.

Historically the technology evolution curve has witnessed critical inflexion points at regular intervals. For example in the mid 80’s, mapping software was moving off mainframes and fitting into PC’s and mid-range distributed systems allowing greater flexibility in deploying applications for geophysical data processing. GIS introduction in automated mapping and facilities management in the utility sector has been another such industry inflexion point that has accelerated positive growth in this sector.

However with every new wave of change one of the greatest challenges which always looms up is the resistance to adopt the new technology. Ironically the very technology advancement designed to enahance user value inevitably gets questioned by these very users. The success in complete implementation hinges on the ability to align the technology implementation with the exact priorities of the consumer community. AM/FM GIS integration in the utility sector faces this obstacle in many countries today where the entire experience is relatively ‘new’. Realising the enormous advantages that may be reaped from this technological implementation let us wish good luck to AM/FM GIS applications and increased user awareness leading to their complete acceptance with great elan!

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