The Good Old Days…

When we were happily living in the no-dot-com age
When there was plenty of paper and plenty of rage
We used to run around offices for finding information
And used to come back with a lot of frustration

When we used to take leave from office
To submit our phone bills
When standing in the Qs for everything
Used to take away all our ills

When getting a ration card
Was as good as going to an emergency ward

When ‘jugaad’ was keyword for survival
When life was anything but a miracle

When learning how to bribe for getting your salary
Was as common as paying a officer for giving you a naukari

When digging the roads at the wrong places was a norm
You always felt life was always a false alarm

When you may get outlawed by trying to know what was the law
When you had to run around to find a job for your son-in-law

When making a driving license to making a passport
Was an unending rush for finding the right touts and ‘ghosts’

When we used to meet the ministers for getting a petrol pump
When we used to meet the ministers for getting a salary jump


The good old days?