Do we really care?

The earth quakes again. Nor for the first time and neither for the last time. The fractured faces of Uttarkashi, Latur, Jabalpur, Chamoli and now Bhuj kept on reminding the might, the might of the nature.

When the earth quakes, everything goes in shambles. The system, the buildings, the life, the dreams, the hopes, the emotions….

The saga of the dead and agony of those who couldn’t die. A second splits, and people get new identities – orphans, widows, handicaps, homeless…

The rituals start. Disaster becomes an issue of urgency. Relief pours in. Volunteers rush. Workshops, conferences and so on…

And starts a wait… till the earth quakes again.

Do these tragedies ever hit the conscience of India and her citizens? Does it affect us anyway?

The feelings, the bond to share the pain of fellow living beings.
How strong is it?

Do we really care? If not, who will?