It’s not about maps! It’s about location!

Ravi Gupta

The GIS as we know it is history! Long live GIS!

Thanks to Google, mobiles and all the other electronic devices all around us, the GIS is becoming a part of day-to-day life.

Hardly five years ago, GIS was located only in the high profile experts room in the organisation . Its role and relevance often debated in heated discussions in boardrooms, conferences and I T exhibitions.

L ocation based services (LBS) tried to change and dictate the rules of the game. LBS started with huge promise but could never achieve its potential -it was high on promise and low on delivery .

Things again headed for a change with the launch of Google Earth last year, a nd the journey is just getting exciting day by day – with the user community now linking aerial photographs with the geographical features (so much for national security!!!)

Just few days ago SiRF technology which globally holds 60% market share in GPS chip market, acquired a Bluetooth solutions company, which announced of a vision of providing entertainment and location in a hands-free environment. The company said that the Indian market is now at 50 crore, but we see potential for it to grow to 2,000 crore in the next three to four years!

GIS as we have known it has seen enough of restrictions and strictures.

GIS as we never knew – hidden from our eyes, always behind the scenes – is surrounding us day by day. Thankfully not many policymakers are aware.

Thankfully, GIS is finding the mainstream!

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