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Edge 3D Technologies scans its way to success with FARO

The advent of 3D terrestrial laser scanning (TLS), and its proliferation over the last decade, has vastly changed the way 3D documentation is performed. Today, it is one of the most popular methods used for acquiring 3D point cloud data, where the data can be manipulated in numerous ways to cater to endless possibilities – ranging from the functional (e.g. plant retrofit, reverse engineering projects) to the recreational (e.g. creating scenes for the entertainment and gaming industries).

A company with experience in employing 3D TLS in such diverse applications is Edge 3D Technologies. It was established in 2015 when its founders saw a business opportunity for 3D documentation services with 3D TLS. Based in Bangalore, India, the company provides 3D laser scanning, mobile LiDAR scanning, and point cloud processing services to clients from a wide variety of industries. Having experienced the benefits and versatility of 3D TLS, the founders firmly believed that their service would help many others.

“People who have had to struggle with creating 3D models without 3D TLS know the amount of hard work, time, and training that’s needed to complete the seemingly straightforward task,” said Mr. D. Hemanth, Technical Head at Edge 3D Technologies.

“It’s actually a herculean undertaking that requires an entire day of manual measurements onsite and half a day back in the office to translate that information onto paper by hand. Furthermore, the laborious process did not translate to quality results at the end of the day!”

Starting off on the right foot

The founders of Edge 3D Technologies understood what their potential clients would need before they embarked on this journey. Tapping on their wealth of experience in the construction, facility management, and architecture industries, they chose to invest in a FARO Laser Scanner Focus3D X 330 right from the beginning, which enabled the team to deliver en pointe results for every project they took on.

Hospital Renovation – Building Information Modelling (BIM) & Facility Management

A 3D AS-Built model (isometric view) of the hospital generated by the FARO SCENE software.

In its maiden project, Edge 3D Technologies worked with a large, reputable hospital in Mumbai, Maharashtra, for the renovation of its entire facility in order to accommodate more patients and improve its ducting, and Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) systems. In a matter of four months, the team scanned the interiors and exteriors of the hospital, developed the BIM model, and generated the architectural and MEP drawings of the 22-storey hospital. The as-built documentation was then passed on to the appointed renovation company for execution. Today, the hospital still uses the same BIM model for its facility management purposes.

Plant Retrofit – Alterations & Modifications

Panoramic colorized scan of the food processing area acquired by the Focus3D X 330.

Edge 3D Technologies partnered an engineering firm to help a food processing company redesign its 35-year old Heating Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) systems. The plant owners wanted to evaluate the facility’s existing ducts, calculate the flow velocities, and reinstall new HVAC equipment to enhance the system. To do so, the engineering firm first needed the as-built documentation of the entire plant processing area. Edge 3D Technologies stepped in to perform necessary scans with the Focus3D X 330. Using the point cloud data they obtained, the team generated drawings and models, so that the engineering firm was able to complete fabrication and installation works all within two months.

Construction Project – Structural & Surface Analysis

Technical team onsite with the Focus3D X 330
Panoramic scan of the construction site

In a separate project, Edge 3D Technologies helped a property developer avoid costly delays by identifying a problem in just 12 days. Scans performed by the Focus3D X 330 showed that there were alignment problems between certain columns and plates, as well as some busted plaster surfaces. Using the data they had collected, the team generated useful 3D models and architectural drawings, and this timely assessment helped the property developer rectify issues accurately, preventing the wastage of costly building materials and saving time.

Heritage Conservation – Enhancing a Tourist Attraction

Acquiring scans of the Konark Sun Temple from a distance using the FARO Focus3D X 330

To boost tourism activities at the Konark Sun Temple in Odhisa, the India Tourism Development Corporation engaged the services of vendors to put up light-and-sound shows, making history come alive with technology. Edge 3D Technologies completed the project on time and contributed by providing scans and 3D models within a short span of six days for the 30-minute laser light shows.

Across these projects, the Focus3D X 330 played a vital role in Edge 3D Technologies’ success with its clients. The device’s measuring range of 330 m and measurement speed of up to 976,000 points per second allowed the team to cover large areas in a short time, even ‘reaching’ inaccessible areas with ease. The team is assured of the high-accuracy of the scan results, as data is kept within a ranging error of ±2 mm.

Commenting on his experience with the Focus3D X 330, Mr. Hemanth expressed, “The beauty of this technology is that we can do whatever we want with the data, once you have it on hand. Whether the client wants point cloud data, 3D models, mesh models, architectural drawings, or even photos, we can provide it all. The ability to provide our clients with tangible visuals is what makes us stand out.”

The difference that 3D TLS made

Looking back, the team at Edge 3D Technologies is glad that it never had to grapple with the uncertainties and inaccuracies of traditional, manual methods. Based on his experience, Mr. Hemanth shared that the Focus3D X 330 helped boost their productivity and efficiency, enabling time-savings of up to 75% and labor cost-savings of 60%.

In the near future, Edge 3D Technologies hopes to expand its business in size and scope, to cover more ground in construction progress monitoring and mobile mapping.

“We plan to invest in two more units of FARO’s laser scanners when our business activity increases enough to warrant that investment,” concluded Mr. Hemanth.

“We’re excited about what’s ahead and I’m certain FARO will continue to grow with us as we meet new clients and take on new markets.”

About Edge 3D Technologies

Established in 2015, EDGE 3D Technologies is a leading service provider based in Bangalore, India, for 3D Laser Scanning, Mobile LiDAR Scanning, and Point Cloud Processing. The company assists customers from a wide variety of industries, including industrial manufacturing, architecture, heritage, construction, marine, aerospace, and mapping. Using some of the best technologies available on the market, EDGE 3D captures data and develops drawings, models, and reports for its customers’ needs, in a timely fashion.

About FARO

FARO is the world’s most trusted source for 3D measurement, imaging and realization technology. The Company develops and markets computer-aided measurement and imaging devices and software. Technology from FARO permits high-precision 3D measurement, imaging and comparison of parts and complex structures within production and quality assurance processes. The devices are used for inspecting components and assemblies, rapid prototyping, documenting large volume spaces or structures in 3D, surveying and construction, as well as for investigation and reconstruction of accident sites or crime scenes.

FARO’s global headquarters are located in Lake Mary, Florida. The Company also has a new technology center and manufacturing facility consisting of approximately 90,400 square feet located in Exton, Pennsylvania containing research and development, manufacturing and service operations of its FARO Laser Tracker and FARO Factory Array Imager product lines. The Company’s European regional headquarters is located in Stuttgart, Germany and its Asia Pacific regional headquarters is located in Singapore. FARO has other offices in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, Poland, Turkey, the Netherlands, Switzerland, India, China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, South Korea, and Japan.

Featured Product

FARO Laser Scanner Focus3D X 330

Focus3D is a laser scanner enables to capture fast, straightforward and accurate measurements of complex objects and buildings.

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