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E-Governance-Rest of the World

As a source of ideas and learning, the site presents a broad array of case studies, each assessing government strategies and experience in adopting (and adapting) these technologies as instruments for improved governance. This site focuses primarily on E-Government applications in less developed nations. It provides brief descriptions and analysis of case studies from Chile, Thailand, Singapore, India, Korea, Philippines and Argentina. In addition , the site provides a comprehensive links to studies on e-governance and cyber laws.

This is an interesting site that talks about ’Building And Sustaining Democratic and Accountable Governance Structures Using ICT’. It explains the concepts and underlying principles of digital governance and illustrates through examples and useful links, five generic models of E- Governance. The five models are Broadcasting Model Critical Flow Model, Comparative Analysis Model, E-Advocacy Model, Interactive-Service Model. In addition the site provides case studies, news and other useful links regarding publications and events.

The GOL International Network is an international network of civil servants from 20 countries engaged in developing government conceptual frameworks for E-Governance The projects of potential interest are E-democracy, Portals and an E-Europe Action Plan. This action plan will help with regard to government services where a set of basic public services available on-line will be traced using a four-stage eGov indicator system. The E-democracy project aims at looking at ways in which democracy is changing under the influence of new technologies.

The UKonline website aims at covering all aspects of E-Governance starting from updated information and news regarding the government to interactive network and facilities for the general public. It provides an easy access to all departments of central and local government, local services and legal documents and forms in its ‘Quick Find Section’. The site is well illustrated with location maps with government offices marked for the ease of the citizens. It also provides legal information and requirements for other life episodes such as ‘learning to drive, shifting home, dealing with crime etc for the benefit of the people.

The United Kingdom E-Governance brochure is displayed on this site and is available for free downloads. It enumerates all the ‘self service solutions that the UK government provides through the their web site and call centres. It also outlines the political perspective of the government on E-Governance. In conclusion the brochure highlights the areas under which Oracle is still working with the government, one of which is the integration of call centres and video conferencing facilities.

The Federal Consumer Information Centre provides information on various services both federal and private such as education, health, food, housing, etc. This web site focuses on information regarding Federal resources and frequently asked questions on loans, property social security etc. for the benefit of US citizens. It also provides links to updated information and recent developments, contact addresses and e-mails of the government functionaries. It also provides links to other federal web sites and federal phone numbers.

The Canadian government clearly identifies the on-line services it provides to its citizens through this site. Apart from information dissiminationation on government announcements and links to government department, this site also provides interactive forms and a special link the passport office.