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E-citizens is a services based site which focuses on all the probable events in a persons life and aims to provide the necessary government assistance for these events in Singapore. It integrates information and services from various government agencies to help you handle common events in life. The eCitizen portal enables one to use various on-line services using eTransactions, obtain a checklist of things required to apply for services in-person, find the answers to frequently asked questions and find out who to contact for further information and services. It also enables the citizens to engage the services of relevant commercial enterprises.

The site primarily contains an exhaustive paper covering issues and current status of infrastructure for e-governance and computer applications. It enumerates the need for e-governance and the existing trends in countries like Thailand, India and Singapore. It also presents a general overview of the national and global IT markets. It contains a SWOT analysis of the software/hardware application, communication network and legal framework of Nepal and lists down recommendations in the field of infrastructure, IT and policy guidelines.

The Andhra Pradesh web site clearly outlines the main issues of finance, cyber laws and IT Architecture. It has links to the six main E-Governance projects of Andhra Pradesh government and provides details of the projects and their advantages. The six main projects are APSWAN, CARD, TWIN, MPHS, APDMS, SKIMS and FAST.

Apswan or Andhra Pradesh State Wide Area Network enable connectivity among departments as well as among the various offices of each department. CARD or Computer-aided Administration of Registration Department has become one of the most successful examples of e-Governance. It has been functioning successfully at 214 sites since November 1998. Similarly the other projects have aided the government in various aspects of administration such as maintenance of household and land records, selected services for the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secundrabad, knowledge management, transport network and development and research monitoring.

Gyandoot – a community-owned, self sustainable and low cost rural Intranet in Dhar district connecting rural cyber cafes catering to the everyday needs of the masses. Local rural youth act as entrepreneurs for running cyber cafes-cum-cyber offices on commercial lines without salary or stipend. The computers in the network have been established in Gram Panchayats. Some of the services provided by the Intranet are Agriculture Produce Auction Centres Rates, On-line Registration of Applications, On-line Public Grievance Redressal and Rural e-mail facility.

This web site of GYANDOOT is an extension of Gyandoot Intranet, for giving global access. Apart from the services already provided it hopes to provide Commodity/mandi Marketing Information System, Income Certificate, Domicile Certificate (mool niwasi), Caste Certificate and many more such facilities over the Internet. Gyandoot has won the ‘CSI National IT award’ as well as the ‘Stockholm Challenge Award’.

This site enumerates the e-governance projects and initiatives taken by various states all over the country. It covers different fields of expertise starting with the first E- Governance project of Andhra Pradesh to the large-scale training of young persons in Gujarat in the area of E- Governance. It also lists the states where such projects are in the initial stage or are yet to begin.