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Development of traffic accident information system using Geographic Information System (GIS)

ACRS 1998


Development of Traffic Accident Information System
using Geographic Information System (GIS)

Noriel Christopher C.Tiglaco
National Center for Transportation Studies
University of the Philippines
Diliman , 1101 Quezon City, Philippines
Tel (632) 929-0495 Fax : (632) 929-5664
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Traffic safety plays as key and integral role in a sustainable transportation development strategy. The main negative impact of modern road transportation systems today is injury and loss of life as a result of road accidents. The success of traffic safety and highway improvement programs hinges on the analysis of accurate and reliable traffic accident data. This study discuses the present state of traffic accident information in Metro manila . it shall also discuss the potentials of developing a traffic accidents information system using geographic information system (GIS) . initial attempts on the integration of geo-referenced traffic accidents data for spatial analysis shall be discussed . lastly, this paper comes up with some recommendations on the institutionalization of such a system line Metro Manila.


There is no doubt that traffic safety has emerged as one of the key problems confronting contemporary Philippine urban society . although this is so, it has to been given much attention and remains uncharted mainly because the more pressing problems such as traffic congestion are at hand.

While of the road accident situation is slowly improving in the high income industrialized countries, most developing countries such as he Philippines, face a worsening situation . the continuous socio-economic growth over the years is causing increasing demand fore transport service including road transport . with the number of vehicles on the road growing rapidly, more road conflicts develop vis-