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DEM and DSM generation of Iran

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Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) and Digital Surface Models (DSMs) are considered as comprehensive and efficient tools for studies using geo-referenced data and information. There are some approaches for DEM and DSM generation. The conventional method applies optical satellite data and maps for DEM and DSM generation.

In a national project supported by the Radio-Communication Office of the Ministry of Post, Telegraph and Telephone, a team of specialists of the Iranian Remote Sensing Center commissioned to generate DEM and DSM of the whole country. Radio-Communication Office needs these DEMs and DSMs for its countrywide project to find and locate the convenient and suitable locations and sites for mounting telecommunication installations and antennas to provide a full coverage of the country for radio communications. The project aiming to set up a position based dataset for telecommunication link design and for installing optimum location of BTS antenna. In this regard a joint project in urban and national level between Iranian Remote Sensing Center and Radio Communication Administration carried out and result would be to the softwares of Frequency Bureau .This project comprised of 3 operational phases as follows:

  1. DEM and DSM generation using either 1/25000-scale topographic maps or SPOT stereo pairs for most cities of Iran,
  2. Providing clutter/land use- morphological maps using Landsat TM ,ETM and XS-Spot through interpretation method,
  3. DEM generation of the whole country and 400 km beyond the borders by using the 1/250000 scale topographic maps.

Generating the mosaic of the 1/250000-scale maps of the whole country and the mosaic of the 1/25000 scale maps of the cities were the supplements to the project that was carried out successfully.

Applications of Remote Sensing data in Iran

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Remote Sensing data as the efficient and modern tool for studying and monitoring the environment and resources of the Islamic Republic of Iran (I. R. Iran) has been used since the early days when these date made available commercially. Landsat data was the first which applied by the users, and this followed by the usage of the new generation satellite data acquired from SPOT, IRS, Radarsat and so on. Presently the data acquired from different commercial Remote Sensing satellites is widely used by the variety of organizations and institutions in I. R. Iran for research and development programs. The Iranian Remote Sensing Center (IRSC) as the only legal governmental body for providing Remote Sensing data for all of the users throughout the country is the earliest organization involved in the application of earth space data with about 25 years of background. In addition to data providing, IRSC follows implementation of the different application development as well as research projects and programs requested by different organizations and institutes of the country.