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Delhi: Encroachers Encroached

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Delhi Development Authority (DDA), is using IRS 1C data for its Rohini project in Delhi. The agency has been able to identify 14 categories of land uses on the satellite imagery at a scale of 1:12,500. The revenue boundaries of the villages in a west Delhi urban fringe area, Rohini, could be correlated to the satellite imagery. Detection of large-scale conversion of agricultural land into non-agricultural land has been a useful information for deciding the extent of built up areas on the day the government decides to acquire land. This technique has already been used in Delhi for the purpose of identifying the new unauthorised colonies, slum clusters and encroachments on government land that keep mushrooming all over Delhi. This has become a helpful aspect while dealing with legal cases and compensation cases. Satellite imagery provides reliable records at regular interval which helps to see evolution of the city over a period of time. DDA is also using GIS to prepare the 2021 Masterplan for Delhi. A whopping budget of Rs. 350 lakh has been made available to ready the plan which will be fully computerised. The NRSA is preparing base maps of Delhi by using the satellite imagery and photogrammetry technique. Besides, most of the work will be done in DDA’s own Computer Aided Design (CAD) Centre.

For details, contact:
P. S. Uttarwar, Jt. Director / Vijay Risbud,
DDA Commissioner, New Delhi.
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