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Data access to users is must – Kevin Spry, GEOG2 Solutions

Kevin Spry, Founder, GEOG2 Solutions

Geospatial technology and digitalization are a very integrated part of individual consumers’ daily activities. Recently, many firms have begun creating geospatially driven apps.

The major barrier to the practical use of geospatial data is the unavailability of the data to the common user. As step in reducing friction is access to Agricultural aerial imagery GeoG2 provides preprocessed/orthorectified aerial multi-spectral imagery via a simple interface to our clients and channel partners for accessing ubiquitous imagery of all the AG acreage in CA.

As a Geospatial data company, not an aerial imagery company, we fly aircraft because trade analysis across all of the potential platforms show that aerial imagery is the most scalable and most economic acquisition method. However, potential competitive technologies are always being monitored. 

Innovation from Agriculture to AI

As innovation is a primary key to success, we decidedly dedicate our research according to a well-mapped plan. We have a 2019-2025 plan to expand our operations to cover 100% of all agriculture in the US, also extending to portions of South America and Australia.

The future lies in integrating geospatial data sets with local ground derived data sets and developing answers to critical questions that relate to high priority user needs.

In support of this, we are integrating our data services with clients and channel partners they already have access to ground data for agricultural production. The combination of geospatial imagery data and ground-based data allows us to break into the science of big data analytics and AI for agriculture production.

Our imagery can be used to develop dozens of secondary layers that describe the crop development performance for a field over time. These data layers augment both measured and “modeled” data input to the AI algorithms by providing real ground-based information for target fields and crops. The imagery provides the geospatial context for measured and modeled data.  We see a large opportunity to team with the major players in AG production and commodities analysis to use our data to drive and refine their production and predictive models and monetize this data.